oodles of doodles

have you ever had the urge to roll up that lovely and nervous or worried or frustrated or sad friend in a ton of blankets until they look like a cinnamon roll and then hold em tight until they calm down? no? just me?

had a sudden urge to draw my minecraft character- a sweet toothed mischievous thief nicknamed “tarts”


for the ever so cool siins. just.. uh… gonna leave this here and uh… *rolls out*



No plz, no cry. :)

tsun-terre. idk. i’m not blushing! don’t look at me!…idiot…

the neighborly fluxy friends and witty witches :D

it was such a delight to hear lewis and the other boys have so much fun in the latest gmod melon bomber. :) so pro :O

I love your art and your cat :3 By any chance, do you take requests?

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thank you and thank you! :D  i apologize- because i do work in art all day every day working for a game company and freelance clients and being told what and how to draw for a price- i really need to use this space as my own personal drawing time without my name/reputation attached to it to feel comfortable to experiment, challenge myself, unwind, and keep myself sane. thank you for being interested tho, i’m honored and flattered. :D

What kind of tablet do you use? I'm thinking of getting into tablet drawing casually, possibly to doing comics for some story/visual poetry ideas i have bouncing around. What you would recommend? Also if you've used manga studio or anyone else know the difference between the two versions, I know that the Ex is the pro, but what is exactly left out of the cheaper version?

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i use a 24hd cintiq. (if i had to buy this again i’d probably get the 21 or 22 instead- 24 is a bit too large and heavy- but it was available and on sale when i got it so i went for it) it costs alot of money- but if you’re doing this as a business and you have to draw everyday and time is money- the time and effort you save on hand-eye-screen coordination makes this worth it and you don’t go back.

if you’re doing it casually, i would recommend a cheaper alternative: either a small or medium sized intuos (pro) pad depending on what you feel more comfortable spending or if you have longer strokes- definitely go for the medium. (no point in getting a large- they’re rather unwieldy) which is only about $250-$350 (rather than a few thousand dollars) DON’T BE A CHEAPWAD AND GET A BAMBOO.

manga pro 5 is very good- the ex honestly feels a bit gimmick-y to me- but i can see it being useful if you need to make a print comic with pages, etc. but if it’s just for the art- go for the 5.  you can find the differences listed on their site.

May I ask, What drawing program do you use? I have been looking for a good one to use for a while.

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I use photoshop. It’s very useful, but it’s really a glorified stamp program and photo editor with flashy tricks and things.If you’re really into comics and tight linework I have found manga studio to be great. If you’re looking for a more painterly program, I hear good things about sai. If you’re planning to animate- drawing in flash may be the best option for you. If you need things to scale beautifully you’ll have to learn to vector and illustrator would be your best bet for a program.

PS- photoshop (and flash) are pretty standard for game industry used programs- if you’re not working for yourself, it may be best to try to learn one of those 2.

moar doodle gifs :3